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6 Frustrating Skin Issues LYFT by Nurysh Can Help You Solve

6 Frustrating Skin Issues That LYFT Can Help You Solve

Out of all of the organs that your body has, your skin is the largest and by far the most visible. Taking care of it and presenting the best, beautiful canvas that you can makes sense when you look at it from this angle.


As you grow older, skin begins to show the stories of your past in fine lines and looser areas. By combining 7 incredible functions, LYFT has managed to tackle the 6 biggest problems that both men and women face as they age and see their journey reflected in their skin.



1.   Age Lines & Wrinkles

The biggest problem that we face in our progression through life is wrinkles and lines on our skin. Biowave technology is featured in LYFT to tighten your skin and bring together the fibers that make it taunt and beautiful for a flawless finish.


With the help of Galvanic treatments by Nurysh Anti-Aging Facial Toning Device, you can see a dramatic delay placed on natural aging, reducing the lines that threaten to track over your skin. Looking great has never been this easy, painless, and quick before!

2.   Moisturizes

The ION functions have a double effect as they draw out dirt to deeply cleanse your skin and push out a serum that soothes and moisturizes your face. This is essential to getting a taunt youth back to your skin and keeping it soft, happy, and healthy! Not only will your face feel less dry, but it will glow and fight off dry, itchy skin more efficiently.

3.   Turkey Neck

You know that loose, textured skin that begins to hang around your throat? LYFT and the special tightening light therapy is implemented through deeply penetrative waves to help slow or even prevent this from happening to you!

4.   Brightens Dull Complexion

You’ve seen them, too, the people who seem to glow with youth no matter their physical age. LYFT has a unique green light therapy that balances out your complexion and fixes changes in skin tone to give an even, bright, refreshed look.

5.   Smoothes Pores

Small pores and soft, smooth skin is something that every model across magazines is proud to boast of. With years of sun and smiling written on your face, it can feel impossible to get a perfect finish like you see so often in print. LYFT uses blue LED therapy to reduce swelling and soften skin pores and reduces their size.

6.   Sculpts Your Face And Lifts Saggy Skin

Confidence is what makes you truly shine! LYFT boosts your ability to grin back at yourself in the mirror and watch as your skin restores to it’s previous flexibility. You'll notice better definition on your face and less of a droop with your skin.


The stimulating waves that LYFT pulses deeply through your skin helps encourage blood circulation and tightens up your skin by enhancing new skin cell growth faster. The results are long-lasting and only takes 5 minutes out of your day!


It’s worth it for overall improved appearance of your skin, including your face and arms. Are you ready to try LYFT today and put an end to these frustrating skin changes?


  • Jun 18, 2018
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