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This system offers optimal stimulation of skin and underlying tissues and the most relaxing, deep, comfortable massage for your Face & Body

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Cupping therapy is an alternative form of medicine and is perhaps better known as a traditional Chinese Medicine, like acupuncture. Cupping used to be performed using hollowed out animal horns and was a method employed to treat boils, snakebites, and skin lesions.

The cupping method was said to pull toxins from the body. The application of cupping throughout the years has evolved from the use of animal horns to bamboo cups, and then to the glass cups, we see used today.

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Sculpt, Contour & Tone

Visibly & Effectively Reduce Cellulite

Activate Lymphatic System (Detox), Increase Circulation & Qi (CHI)Energy

Accelerate Muscle Recovery Time, Release & Restore Fascia(ConnectiveTissue)

Reduce Inflammation. Muscle & Joint Pain, Improve Flexibility


Lift, Sculpt & Define Facial Contours , Visibly Reduce Fine Lines & Wrinkles

Relieve Tired Eyes, Boost Collagen & Elastin, Enhance & Volumize Lips

Promote Circulation, Natural Oxygen & Nutrient Flow for a Healthy Glow

Reduce Puffiness, Improve Efficacy of Skincare Products

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Your Kit Includes

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2 Face Cups

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2 Eye Cups

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1 Large & 2 Small Body Cups

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1 FREE Cleansing & Exfoliating Facial Brush