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The Complete Guide to Microneedling

 The skincare industry is a lot like any other forward-thinking business: there are always new technologies and innovations improving and advancing techniques for better skin. Sure, there are some old tried and true methods to keeping your skin looking its best, like eating healthy, wearing sunscreen, and moisturizing. Cutting edge products like new chemical exfoliants are becoming more and more accessible every day. But perhaps the most effective skincare tactic uses the most powerful tool available – the human body – to simply and quickly get your complexion looking great. Let’s check out how microneedling, also known as collagen induction therapy, can make a big difference in your skincare routine.

 How It Works

Unlike some complicated chemical treatments, microneedling is actually a fairly easy process to understand. Any time your skin sustains an injury, however big or small, your body immediately sends help for the healing process. Two of the substances it sends, collagen and elastin, are crucial to healthy skin, as they naturally give your complexion a boost by plumping and firming it. This has an obvious practical use when repairing damaged skin anywhere, but it’s especially effective on your face where you may have wrinkles, acne scars or sun spots. Some people have seen improvements with stretch marks and larger pores, also. By using miniscule needles to superficially puncture your skin, that healing process is activated and you get an immediate dose of collagen exactly where you need it. The body is an amazing thing, right? 

What To Expect

If this process sounds like something you want to try, you should know what to expect. Treatments will differ, depending on if you go to a professional for treatment or choose to do it at home. Even though the thought of needles in your skin may make you squeamish, the reality is that it’s not bad at all. Due to the miniscule size of the needles and the superficial depth that they penetrate, most recipients describe it from almost painless to slightly uncomfortable. Some choose to apply a numbing cream prior to the treatment, but most say it’s not necessary. Give yourself about twenty to thirty minutes for the treatment, and treat yourself with a soothing serum or facemask afterwards. You might have a bit of redness or irritation afterwards, but that shouldn’t last long. You’ll need to avoid direct sun also, so either stay in or use sunscreen. You can read about one user’s experience here

The Benefits

The hard truth is you lose collagen as you age. Microneedling is the best way to naturally replenish collagen levels, and results can be visible relatively quickly. After the initial irritation, you’ll notice a natural glow…this is common as your skin repairs itself. You’ll also notice that most of your topical facial treatments will feel like they penetrate your skin deeper, from your cleanser to your moisturizer. If the first treatment goes well, you’ll want to plan on a few more sessions to get the maximum benefits. These treatments can be done with regularity, and you’ll notice even toned skin that glows, with firm elasticity and reduced wrinkles. Following up with high-quality facial products is a must and will reinforce your microneedling routine dramatically.

 Spa Vs. Home Treatment: What’s The Best Choice?

We all love the luxury of spa treatments or the professional care of a dermatologist. That said, sometimes taking care of yourself at home is a better choice. One reason? A typical microneedling session can cost a lot…estimates put most sessions anywhere from $300 to $700. And if you want multiple treatments, as many experts suggest, that can really add up. While many might prefer (and can actually afford) a series of professional treatments, there are some great home products that will let you keep up your regimen at your own pace.

One new product that’s got everyone talking is our very own Deep and Uniq line. It is a small yet precise device that lets you target problem areas with ease and even comes with a state-of-the-art serum to smooth the skin. This device gives you spa-like results but you can use it in the comfort of your own home. As with all other home devices, you’ll need to sterilize first and follow the application and follow-up steps carefully. When used in conjunction with other skincare products, you can have spa treatment results whenever you need at a price that pays for itself quickly. Get ready to glow!

Do you have any questions about microneedling? Feel free to ask us in the questions below, we’re a friendly bunch and would love to chat with you more!

  • Feb 05, 2019
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